LMS Buyer’s Kit

Your go-to resource for finding the best LMS

Choosing the best LMS for your learning organization’s needs (and budget!) can be a tricky, time-consuming process. That’s why we developed this LMS Buyer’s Kit.

It includes a blueprint for building an LMS business case, plus other white papers, case studies and blogs to help fast-track your selection process.

LMS Research

Best Practices for Learning & Development

Would you like to lower corporate training costs, while raising your learning’s outcomes? Read this report for new analysis and key learning strategies, including:

• How to overcome the top four challenges for learning budgets, goals and technology

• Tips and tricks for training content creation

• New strategies for eLearning delivery


White Paper

The Case for an LMS

Want to create a solid business case that secures the right investment, resources and executive support for your LMS project? Read this new white paper! It breaks down how to:

• Get funding and secure senior-level buy-in

• Create persuasive LMS ROI calculations

• Demonstrate the real value of enlisting a modern LMS


White Paper

Enterprise-Class vs. Basic LMSs

Do you know what you’re really buying? When weighing your options, you should know what the true costs and end value will be before making your LMS investment. Read this white paper to learn the six critical questions you must ask, including:

• Can the system scale? What about integration?

• Can you afford a poor user experience?

• How long do you plan to keep your new system?

• How important is system security?


On-Demand DemonewDemo

ExpertusONE LMS Demo

Want to see the future of the LMS, today? Watch this demo to tour many of ExpertusONE’s game-changing features, including:

• Incredible learner usability and an advanced mobile experience

• Fast, easy custom reporting for admins and managers

• Seamless integrations with Salesforce, HR technology, ERPs, SSO and more

Watch Demo

Case StudiesnewCaseStudies

ExpertusONE LMS Case Studies

Widely regarded as the “best LMS” by analysts and customers alike, read these success stories to see how ExpertusONE has transformed the learning impact of complex, global enterprises.

> Siemens Wins Big with Innovative Competency Program and ExpertusONE

> Interactive Intelligence Inc. Rapidly Scales Partner Engagement & Performance

> Elliott Group Uses Blended Learning Program to Develop Highly Trained Managers

BlogsLMS Buyer's Kit

LMS Trends & Technology Blogs

Whether you’re deciding if it’s time to buy a new LMS or you’re looking for ways to adopt the latest LMS technology, read these short blogs for helpful tips and best practices.

Beyond the Basic LMS Mobile App

How to Solve the Top Four Frustrations of LMS Content Players 

Learning Record Stores: Why They Matter and What You Should Look For

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