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Solve your most challenging training problems,
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LMS Workday HCM Integration

Finally connect talent and learning with our LMS Workday HCM integration

Now you can extend and enhance nearly every aspect of your human capital management with our ExpertusONE Workday solution:

Integrates through Workday Studio Integration Cloud

Completes the talent cycle

Ensures all talent, skills and performance gaps are filled

Success in Talent Management

Talent management is no easy job

To attract the right people, immerse them in your culture, develop their skills, deploy them effectively and retain them over time, you need a solid framework and organization-wide coordination. This means full visibility into deep information about each individual throughout their employee lifecycle and a sustained, effective approach to help employees maximize their current and future job performance.

Connecting Talent & Learning

Align work with business goals to optimize talent deployment

Our LMS HCM integration extends Workday and completes the talent cycle by providing the means to deliver and track personalized learning for each individual. And ExpertusONE’s modern learning ecosystem augments Workday to:

Provide structured and unstructured learning so you can proactively meet developmental needs and fill identified skill/performance gaps

Enable much richer, more detailed visibility into the skills, workforce and community contributions of every individual to identify top talent

Increase your talent-building capacity with virtual programs that build collaborative communities, retain top performers and develop skill sets

Your Dynamic Learning LMS

ExpertusONE acts as the hub of your learning ecosystem

With the ExpertusONE LMS, your entire workforce can quickly find, use and share the learning and knowledge resources they need. And you can finally support your extended enterprise with a broad range of learning, collaboration and knowledge access tools. All via an intuitive, global, 24×7 environment:

Provide a unified destination for formal, informal, social and mobile learning

Enable a continuous learning environment via dynamic learning paths and personalized user experiences

Enlist an adaptive framework that evolves to meet the changing needs of individuals and your organization

Studio Integration.
Cloud Delivery.

The ExpertusONE LMS Workday Studio cloud integration

Since Expertus is one of Workday’s first complementary solution partners to embrace their advanced platform for building, launching and monitoring Workday integrations, you’ll get:

A single business process view

Fully supported application version changes

Rapid deployment

Attractive subscription licensing

Consistent, scalable, global deployment

The ExpertusONE LMS is also delivered via the cloud using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach. So we handle everything from start to finish… leaving you to focus on the talent and learning needs of your organization.

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ExpertusONE Next-gen Cloud LMS

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Expertus Announces Partnership with Workday to Integrate ExpertusONE LMS and Workday Human Capital Management

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ExpertusONE Next-gen Cloud LMS
ExpertusONE Next-gen Cloud LMS
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