By Joy Church Millard, Sr. Editor, Expertus

We’ve been talking about the digital transformation (DX) for quite some time now. And while it may be SOP for some companies and departments, many learning organizations are still on the bubble.

If your training department’s working on their DX plan, but wants to get in the game now, here are three easy ways to bring the digital transformation to learning today.

Simple DX Strategy #1: Take Reporting Mobile

Sure, your learning management system probably has a mobile app. But how functional is it? Does is have a Mobile First design that adopts the latest mobile technology as soon as it’s available? Does it have actionable analytics that enable learners, managers and instructors to run reports on-the-go?

Upgrading to a modern mobile LMS app will enable users to replace manual, paper-based activities, such as printing certifications and running compliance reports, with digital workflows. Another perk? Better engagement… thanks to more convenient learning access.

Simple DX Strategy #2: Digitise Checklists & Evaluations

Tracking employee performance on-the-job or in the field is often a must. But it doesn’t have to a tedious, time-consuming chore. Many LMSs offer digital observation checklists which:

  • Eliminate the need for costly and inefficient, paper-based evaluations
  • Quickly, accurately determine employee competency

Better yet, some learning management systems, like ExpertusONE, can collate digital checklist competency data with other learning info for deeper reporting insights. Which takes you two steps closer to meeting your digital transformation goals!

Simple DX Strategy #3: Automate Tedious Paperwork

Talk to any ILT instructor and they’ll say their most dreaded task is classroom attendance reporting. Learners forget to sign-in. Instructors add time on to their already busy day doing data entry. And errors are often made.

With GPS-based tools like Presence Sensing, you can automate classroom attendance and completion reporting. Instructors can also use it to push surveys and assessments during class to learners’ mobile devices. So, learners are more likely to complete them, and instructors have one less activity to worry about.

On a side note…

Have you heard about Geo-fencing for learning? It solves the problem of employees taking mobile training outside of approved hours and/or locations. Using the GPS in a learner’s phone or tablet, the Geo-fencing app creates a virtual perimeter (aka a “fence”) that enables or disables training based on their location.

With Geo-fencing, your organisation can ensure your employees:

  • Train onsite during approved, regular working hours─no more accidental overtime pay!
  • View mobile learning from your organisation’s secured network─keeping your business-critical data safe and secure and avoiding the need to reimburse employees for their personal data plan

New Year, Perfect Timing

With the New Year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get on the DX bandwagon. Hopefully these three tips will help jump-start your learning organisation’s digital transformation journey.

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