Case Summary

World’s top IT company ends “frustrating” partner training with ExpertusONE LMS

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In addition to being the world’s leading developer of information infrastructure technology, this company also boasts the world’s largest IT infrastructure sales and service force with 400 offices across 60 countries. And even though they already had a top-tier legacy LMS, its user interface was “frustrating”, “cumbersome” and “non-intuitive”.

Top Priorities:

Provide an intuitive, engaging user interface

Grow partner/customer training sales

Streamline global learning management

Reduce help desk and support calls

Key Issues:

Cumbersome LMS user experience

Disconnected, hard to manage learning programs

Decreased partner/customer training rates


Thanks to their new ExpertusONE LMS platform, they now provide global partners and customers with an easier way to use and manage all learning aspects:

51% increase in their learning site’s partner and customer traffic

20% decrease in visitors leaving the site after visiting one page (i.e. deeper UI relevance and satisfaction)

Double-digit growth in training purchases and credit card usage

54% decrease in help desk calls; 15% decrease in support costs

9 to 1 reduction in average LMS navigation (clicks)

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