View trainings. Take surveys and assessments. All from ONE LMS content player.

For today’s learners, if it’s not easy to access and complete all of their training, it’s simply not done. That’s why the ExpertusONE LMS Digital Content Player gives learners the easy and consistent training experience they’re looking for:

No Pop-up Blockers
Plays SCORM, AICC, xAPI, pdfs, Word docs, PPTs and even surveys and assessments, all from one embedded window

Clear Learning Path
Playlist shows all modules associated with training; learners know what’s completed, what’s next and can start with just one click

Mobile Friendly
Learners can move seamlessly between their desktop and mobile devices with full bookmarking capabilities and progress tracking

How It Works

One Player for Every Kind of Content

While some LMSs have a content player, most lack a consistent training consumption experience. Pdfs have to be downloaded. Videos require pop-up windows. And learners have to exit the player to take surveys and assessments.

However, the ExpertusONE LMS Digital Content Player displays all of a learner’s training components in one consistent manner. Whether it’s a knowledge object, video, quiz or survey, they are all launched from one lightbox window in the LMS. This results in:

  • Reduced Help Desk tickets
  • No lost downloaded content
  • Guaranteed progress tracking─for all content types
  • An easy, seamless experience

Lightbox window plays all content types and eliminates annoying pop-up blockers.

Playlist and progress bar speed learners through training, with fewer errors and frustrations.

Playlist Speeds Course Completions

Every module tagged to a training (including surveys and assessments) is conveniently displayed via a playlist. So, learners can quickly see what they need to take and in what order.

Their progress bar updates in real-time. And once learners complete content, they can move to a related assessment and view their score─without having to open multiple windows.

Mobile Delivers Training on Learners’ Terms

Since the ExpertusONE LMS Digital Content Player is HTML5-enabled, learners can move from their desktop to phone or tablet seamlessly. No progress lost. No learning curve needed.

From the mobile app, learners can still view and launch all content, surveys and assessments in one window. They can even complete OJT via ExpertusONE’s Observation Checklist, where instructors or managers can capture feedback, evaluate performance and mark learners complete for training conducted on-the-job.

A seamless mobile experience delivers training the way people want to learn today…
fast, easy and convenient.

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