ExpertusONE LMS for Retail & Franchise

Empower employees and engage customers with the best LMS for retail

With a recovering economy, thin margins and increased competition for consumers, retailers must have a well-trained, fully committed workforce to thrive in today’s challenging marketplace. Customer loyalty is influenced by every team member interaction. However, managers have little time or tools to properly train and empower their employees.

For ongoing success, there must be a continuous focus on brand experience. And the ExpertusONE LMS for Retail & Franchise can help you leverage it with predictive, next-gen technology that: addresses turnover, manages/develops workforce competencies and ensures brand consistency.


The ExpertusONE LMS for Retail & Franchise helps the world’s top companies quickly identify emerging trends and potential customer issues. It can help you:

Elevate customer service by standardizing employee skills and competencies for a consistent consumer experience

Unify sales and brand messaging with fast training rollouts, mobile learning access and advanced reporting

Quickly onboard new employees with global eLearning programs backed by award-winning social and collaboration tools

Increase employee retention by creating a “pay-for-performance” culture that nurtures workforce loyalty and drive


How will our LMS for retail and franchise impact your business? Thanks to ExpertusONE’s highly sophisticated, incredibly simple to use design, you can count on:

Improved customer service

A better brand experience

Greater customer loyalty

Reduced costs/increased sales

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