ExpertusONE LMS for
Software Companies

A modern, scalable, reliable enterprise LMS that drives your speed of business

There’s a reason why ExpertusONE is the preferred LMS for software companies. It was specifically designed to overcome your biggest and most frustrating learning management challenges.

New Ways to Take Your Business to
the Next Level

ExpertusONE deeply resonates with technology organizations because we’re growing exponentially, just like you, and are always seeking new ways to take your business to the next level. This means:

Offering the best and most robust LMS mobile app available that lets your customers and partners train when and where it’s most convenient—even offline

Handling eLearning and video with ease to make your training even more engaging and current

Supporting innovative reporting and mobile analytics to help you identify and capitalize on your training profit centers

Relieving the burden from your overworked admins through automated administration and intuitive system workflows

Solutions for Your Top Training
Management Challenges

Unlimited Scalability, No Performance Degradation

Are you growing at a rapid pace, but your system can’t keep up? The ExpertusONE LMS for Software companies scales at your speed of business.

As a SaaS product, it can scale to serve 10 to tens of thousands of new users (customers, partners and even employees)—without crashing the system or slowing down performance. This empowers you to not only keep up with, but take full advantage of, new training opportunities.

Complete Extended Enterprise Learning

Chances are you’re training 2-5 times more external than internal learners—with great ROI. But are you limited to the number you can train simultaneously because your LMS can’t scale or serve multiple audiences?

ExpertusONE was built to serve the extended enterprise. It has an intuitive UI that’s completely localized to the user’s language and currency. So your customers and partners are more engaged and buy more training.

ExpertusONE can also support multiple unique interfaces, training programs and advanced eCommerce for as many external learning groups as you’d like. So you can take advantage of training as a revenue stream.

Streamlined Workflows & Automated Administration

Are your admins at their breaking point? Whether your learning system has limited functionality or it’s tasked with more than it can handle, your admins are forced to do most tasks manually.

ExpertusONE frees your admins from “catchup mode” by automating many of their daily tasks. Its modern UI is incredibly easy for admins and learners to use, lessening the need to field “help desk” type questions. And since the ExpertusONE LMS for Software companies is enterprise-class, it’s built for your large (or fast-growing) learner groups, and it’s incredibly stable with minimal issues.

ExpertusONE is a game-changer for admins, and an LMS they’ll want to build their careers on.

A Modern & Fresh UI

Have you considered other LMSs, but are shocked at their UIs? Many have old, clunky interfaces that you’d be embarrassed to show to customers or partners.

Our LMS for software companies has the look and feel that millennials, and your other tech-savvy partners/customers/employees, expect. ExpertusONE is also highly configurable to reflect your corporate brand.

When learners login, they see a fresh, intuitive interface that makes training more desirable and easier to find. And the more that your customers and partners train, the happier they’ll be, and the more product you’ll sell.

Exceptional LMS Stability

Is your learning system slow, unstable or buggy? All are frustrating and costly problems.

ExpertusONE uses modern technology that’s much more stable than legacy platforms. Its cloud-based architecture, along with Rackspace hosting, also affords exceptional system availability, security and performance.

So instead of worrying about what bug you’ll have to fix or how soon you can get your system back up, you can move your focus to driving external training revenue.

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