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Solve your most challenging training problems,
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ExpertusONE LMS for Workforce Learning

Develop and leverage employee expertise across your enterprise

Deeply enhance learning effectiveness. Dramatically elevate workforce performance. With the top ranked LMS for workforce learning.

Today’s fluid, global business environment demands much more from enterprise learning. As corporate work life grows more decentralized, mobile and unstructured, old-school learning management systems are rapidly losing their relevance. So how can your organization fill this workforce learning gap? The solution starts with the ExpertusONE LMS for workforce learning.

Not your average LMS, ExpertusONE is a modern, enterprise-class learning platform that simplifies and elevates workforce learning to:

Grant every employee global, 24×7, on-the-go access to your learning assets and resources

Connects your entire workforce in real-time

Makes learning efficient, relevant and engaging

Drive Employee Training & Compliance

Some of the world’s most innovative companies drive employee performance with the ExpertusONE LMS for workforce learning

Forge Smart Social Connections

All social learning software is not created equal. The best-of-breed functionality in ExpertusONE is fine-tuned to facilitate meaningful interaction, and calibrated to support your organization’s unique structural and cultural dynamics.

Ensure Timely Compliance

Accelerate remediation response. Your ExpertusONE learning interface is easily configured to fit seamlessly into employee workflows – offering a quick, intuitive path to the most accurate, up-to-date content.

Optimize Courseware Investments

Investments Free your organization from the cost and complexity of vast formal learning catalogs. Add value and utility to training with granular content that’s easy to find and deliver on-demand.

Reverse Content Mismanagement

Help your learners overcome the struggle to pinpoint relevant content stored in CMS-based repositories. ExpertusONE integrates with your CMS, so meaningful information is even easier to find and share, whenever it’s needed.

Put Portal Proliferation in Check

Get more value from every training portal. Retool weak implementations that look and feel like ad-hoc link farms, rather than fully integrated learning environments.

Make a Measurable Impact

A connected, competent workforce means better business

And our LMS for workforce learning solution ensures you make a measurable impact:

Attract and retain exceptional talent

Reduce training cost per employee

Accelerate skill and knowledge development

Improve organizational productivity

Enhance business revenues and profitability

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ExpertusONE Next-gen Cloud LMS
ExpertusONE Next-gen Cloud LMS

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Top Energy Company Bolsters Compliance with Innovative Learning Technology

Case Study

Siemens Wins Big with Innovative Competency Program and ExpertusONE LMS


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