Case Summary

Rental company trains employees in
non-traditional learning arenas with ExpertusONE LMS

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As the US’ second largest equipment rental company, this organization had thousands of employees in non-traditional learning environments (job sites, field locations and on-the-road). So they needed an LMS that was available anywhere, anytime and easy to use for their diverse learning audience. Profile-based learning and simplified progress tracking were also key needs.

Top Priorities:

Mobile learning access

Intuitive, profile-based learning

Quick visibility into learning progress

Key Issues:

Need to complete training outside of the office

Have to tailor content/training to specific user roles

No easy way to track and report learning activity


They selected the ExpertusONE LMS because it was the only platform built on the same heuristic design principles used by today’s most popular websites. And this enabled them to:

Implement a profile-based user interface that allows learners to quickly find required and relevant content based on their user attributes

Offer award-winning mobile learning via ExpertusONE’s mobile app which facilitates learning on-the-go, with or without an Internet connection

Create content structures that deliver and track all blended learning, including web-based, classroom and on-the-job training

Activate a ‘Team’ view that gives managers real-time visibility into their employees’ required, in progress and completed learning activity

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