Sophisticated LMS reporting. Made simple.

ExpertusONE Insights is a revolutionary, simple to use LMS reporting tool that’s never been seen in an enterprise platform before now!

Users can access business-critical intelligence on-demand and in real-time. And, since we’ve built reporting into our LMS, you no longer need expensive third-party tools.

Just Five Clicks or Less

ExpertusONE makes LMS reporting a snap for your entire learning organization. Whether a learner needs to run a quick ad hoc report, an admin needs to generate a complex, custom report or a manager needs to export a report to Excel, all it takes is five clicks or less… and they’re done!

ExpertusONE’s intuitive wizard interface also reduces the user’s learning curve, saving them valuable time. It’s the fastest and easiest LMS reporting available.

Key Features & Benefits

Quick, Easy, Meaningful Reports

Eliminates the need for third-party LMS reporting tools:

Learners, managers and admins generate reports in five clicks or less

Ensures real-time, on-demand access to business-critical information, including: individual learning progress, knowledge asset demand, social learning level/quality and other key analytics

Can export all reports to Excel

Easy to Use Wizard Interface

Innovative wizard interface saves users time:

Simply drag and drop desired learning entities, then select desired fields

Instantly create custom reports of any design or complexity pulling from any/all LMS data

Advanced Compliance Analytics

Sophisticated design is proven to improve performance:

Consolidates data within your ExpertusONE LMS

Gives managers quick/easy access to compliance reporting info, making it easy for them to be part of the compliance process

Dedicated compliance analytics mobile app let admins and managers run reports on-the-go and get real-time statistics to ensure learners stay compliant

Also offers report scheduling to automatically run reports and send email notifications at a set day, time or interval

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