Improve productivity with the best mobile LMS app

As the first true mobile LMS app, ExpertusONE Mobile continues to push what’s possible in learning on-the-go. Thanks to its Mobile First design, the app offers the latest mobile features and technology, as soon as they’re available. Giving learners, managers and instructors a second to none experience. While dramatically improving their productivity.

The Most Advanced LMS App Available

The ExpertusONE Mobile app makes taking or managing learning incredibly convenient and actually expands on what you can do with the LMS.

1. Train or manage learning on-the-go─native ExpertusONE apps for any Android/Apple device with offline sync and actionable analytics

2. True Mobile First design─leverages the latest mobile technology, like voice integration and push notifications, for an easier, more productive experience

3. Robust dashboard views─see what’s been accomplished and what needs to be done in seconds, from one personalized screen

How It Works

For Learners

A 100% actionable dashboard helps learners stay on top of training activities. From just one screen, they can manage: certifications, compliance and mandatory training; virtual or ILT classes; training orders; and training plan progress.

Just as convenient, learners can download content to view offline─with full progress sync once they reconnect. And they can enable their app to automatically delete completed training from their devices.

For Instructors

Instructors use the ExpertusONE Mobile app to simplify their work and elevate the classroom experience. Presence Sensing automates classroom reporting. No more dreaded sign-in sheets! And class-based collaboration tools engage learners.

The app also solves the problem of low survey completions by allowing instructors to push surveys and assessments to learners during class─gaining valuable insight into course effectiveness.

For Managers

ExpertusONE Mobile empowers managers to be more efficient and effective at their jobs.

Streamlined, simplified workflows make it easy to track learners’ training progress on-the-go. And actionable analytics help them quickly identify and call, text or send automated reminders to non-compliant learners.

Trending Mobile LMS Technology

Continually adds new mobile technology to stay fresh/relevant for users:

Voice integration and push notifications

Geofencing and Presence Sensing

Built-in eCommerce

Simplified Navigation

All actions on the ExpertusONE Mobile app are quick, easy, and secure:

One-click class registration and launch

Customizable settings, including calendar sync and notification blocking

Completely secure─can’t open mobile app or view downloaded training without active LMS credentials

Social Learning

Learners easily connect, collaborate and learn together:

Fast contact exchanges; see all learner profiles and gamification status

Support continuous learning to elevate overall learning experience

Designed for the Digital Transformation

As part of our digital learning platform, the ExpertusONE Mobile app was designed to help global learning organizations usher in the digital transformation. It eliminates paperwork, reduces errors and dramatically improves productivity.

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Improve Productivity with the Best Mobile LMS App


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