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The ExpertusONE LMS for Salesforce lets you deliver learning within Salesforce, while offering the most engaging experience and advanced feature set of today’s enterprise learning management systems. Now you can keep sales teams, partners and customers engaged with learning in their preferred working environment.

Our robust LMS for Salesforce integration (available on the Salesforce AppExchage) lets you: securely train internal and external audiences with one learning management system, easily maintain isolated learning environments and support distributed learning at scale.

Easily access learning in Salesforce

Sales teams can access training and prep for sales calls without leaving their preferred Salesforce CRM environment.

Run LMS for Salesforce reports

Data flows seamlessly between the ExpertusONE LMS and Salesforce to: run reports correlating sales team and customer data with performance and identify new upselling opportunities.

Utilize a digital learning platform

Track and manage all learning from a modern, digital learning management system.

Generate learner profiles from Salesforce license profiles

Auto-generate learner profiles based on their Salesforce profiles and other HRIS data. Two-way data flow ensures that all systems are synchronized and up-to-date with the latest learning data.

View your LMS records in Salesforce

Thanks to our LMS for Salesforce integration, individuals can view their own training history and certifications in Salesforce.

Access class analytics in Salesforce

Managers can see class registrations and completions, plus performance, ratings and reviews data right within Salesforce.

Tie customer information to training

With the ExpertusONE LMS for Salesforce integration, you can easily view full training history for customer accounts─giving you a deeper understanding of their needs and upselling opportunities.

Share training activity feed in Chatter

Leverage Salesforce Chatter* feed to readily share learning activities across your sales organization.

Auto-enroll mandatory training

Automatically enroll Salesforce learners into mandatory LMS training and present optional training based on their LMS profile.

*The ExpertusONE LMS integrates with Communities, Chatter and other Salesforce products.

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