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Customer Learning

Build loyal, long-term relationships with our customer learning LMS

Easily span geographic and organizational boundaries. Quickly solve customer issues before they escalate.

The more customers know about your offerings, the more likely they’ll support your brand. And in today’s fluctuating economy, every sale counts. So why leave valuable customer relationships to chance with legacy learning systems that don’t serve their unique needs?

Now there’s a better solution−the ExpertusONE LMS for customer learning. Transcending traditional LMSs, this innovative, modern learning platform instantly links and empowers your global customers to:

Personalized formal, informal and mobile training

Specialized community resources

Social learning and knowledge-sharing tools

Secure eCommerce capabilities

Resolve Your Customer Challenges

ExpertusONE customer LMS solutions efficiently and effectively resolve the many unique challenges associated with global customer learning…

Integrate Branding & Usability

Customer learning demands higher standards than employee or partner training. So whether you sell content outright, or offer it as a value-add, ExpertusONE ensures it’s highly available, easy to find, personally relevant and contextually appropriate for your brand.

Support Global Currencies

Go beyond mere currency exchange support. Optimize your business’ profitability across your entire global footprint by dynamically managing pricing parity based major indexes such as the Big Mac.

Simplify Complex Tax Scenarios

End-to-end eCommerce functionality ensures you charge the right tax, for the right content − based on a customer’s state, country, selected learning mode, usage volume and other specifics.


Get Actionable Insights

Gain real-time access to invaluable intelligence you can leverage to continuously improve your customers’ learning experiences.

Hurdle Language Barriers

Simplify global customer communication with support for 9 languages, including: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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Case Summary

ExpertusONE LMS Delivers Global eCommerce to Fast-growing CRM Solutions Provider


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