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The LMS for Sales Team Training

Speed readiness and drive success with the ExpertusONE LMS for sales team training

It takes a significant investment to build an extensive direct sales channel. So you can’t afford to risk under-performance due to insufficient training, poor access to knowledge assets or too little collaboration among your teams. However, it’s challenging to keep a large and geographically-dispersed sales team continuously enabled with the knowledge and tools they need for success:

New information must be disseminated quickly

Your sales force must be kept aligned with corporate strategy

All teams need rapid access to the right tools, information and colleagues

How to Leverage Your Sales Investment

That’s why you need an LMS for sales team training that…

Gives sales personnel a modern, dynamic training forum that addresses all of their needs (learning, collaboration and resources)

Integrates with Salesforce so your salespeople can access training and updated product info without leaving their preferred working environment

Combines the structure of an LMS with the active engagement of social learning tools and the targeted relevance of Group-based content delivery

Simplifies system administration thanks to robust, easy-to-use content management, reporting and analytical capabilities

ONE Solution. Proven Results.

ExpertusONE is this LMS, meeting all of your sales team training and communications needs

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ExpertusONE for Boost Learning and Sales Performance
ExpertusONE Next-gen Cloud LMS

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ExpertusONE for Named “Best Advance in Sales Enablement and Performance Tools”


Sales Enablement: What’s Your Technology Edge?What’s Your Technology Edge?
What’s Your Technology Edge?


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