The industry’s best LMS integration

Drive business performance and expand your learning programs’ success with the most robust REST API library available.

ExpertusONE API lets you quickly and affordably link all of your business-critical systems.

Powerful & Complete

ExpertusONE’s APIs are so robust and complete that we use them to develop all new features in our LMS.

They also have a high throttling threshold. So, you can use multiple APIs simultaneously─without blocking application access or lowering integration performance. And since only one API is used per action, it’s much easier to build your integrations and add application complexity.

How Our APIs Work

Deep, Two-Way Integrations

Fully integrate the LMS with any enterprise system:

Send and receive data─user, group, course, category, branch and general domain information

Merge this data for deeper learning insights and improved learning/business performance

Access ExpertusONE from external systems, including Salesforce, to raise engagement and compliance

Extend Your LMS’ Reach

Integrations for all learner, manager, instructor and admin functionalities:

Connect any application used in learning’s flow of work─managing and enrolling users; training and course materials; reporting and analytics

Place training outside of the LMS─via Embeddable Widgets and Dynamic Shareable Links

APIs published with every ExpertusONE release─making your LMS more scalable and extensible

Efficient, Easy-to-Use Design

REST-based and technology independent─use any framework or programming language (XML, JSON, HTTPS, SAML, etc.)

Real-time user provisioning─start job-related applications without delay

Design your own UI/UX─customize your workflows and build unique reports, integrations and interactions with LMS data

Speed the Digital Transformation

Use ExpertusONE API to connect and digitize your entire enterprise:

Leverage integrations for individual users or user groups across departments

Enable any system to talk to any other system, at any time

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ExpertusONE API: The Industry’s Best and Broadest REST API Library


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