Case Summary

Mortgage software giant targets ExpertusONE LMS for its best-in-breed integration



This leading provider of innovative, on-demand software solutions for the residential mortgage industry also needed a state-of-the-art learning system to serve both their employee and customer audiences. Key challenges included: integration with multiple internal systems, including Workday and, user-friendly access to relevant content for diverse internal/external learners and remote, offline learning accessibility.

Top Priorities:

REST API integrations

Profile-based content access

Robust eCommerce and mobile learning

Key Issues:

Numerous enterprise systems

Two very different learning audiences

Non-traditional learning environments


The company selected the ExpertusONE LMS because it had the best usability and easiest integration of the top learning systems on the market. In just a few months they were able to:

Provide seamless, API-based integrations with their internal systems, Workday and

Leverage ExpertusONE’s access settings and profile-based UI to intuitively direct employee and customer learners to relevant content (per their user profile and company role/relationship)

Offer next-gen mobile learning which allows on-the-go training, on- or offline, with mobile-ready content

Employ an advanced eCommerce system that integrates commerce and tax rules with the company’s existing applications

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