LMS gamification that motivates behavior and drives change

Delivering the latest consumer technology to learning, ExpertusONE’s native LMS gamification tool is a fast, easy way to promote your corporate programs and incentivize the right learning behavior.

How It Works

ExpertusONE’s LMS gamification employs a point and badge recognition system that rewards rising stars and learning leaders across your organization. It creates a fun, competitive atmosphere where learning thrives.

Badges can also be customized to align with your company’s branding and initiatives to further maximize training adoption.

Key Features & Benefits

Extend Vital Corporate Goals

Use ExpertusONE’s LMS gamification to promote top goals, programs and agendas:

Base point systems on learning agendas and customize badges/icons to reflect your corporate branding

Configure badge point thresholds and badge values/names to reflect key organization drivers

Use system to encourage workforce knowledge sharing and make traditional training items, like compliance, more entertaining and engaging

Motivate & Engage Learners

Reward good learner behavior with points, badges and peer recognition:

Learners earn points for collaboration, compliance and activity in ExpertusONE

Points are then redeemed for badges, allowing learners to compare their performance with colleagues

Top category rankings are displayed on homepage Leaderboards for organization-wide recognition

Simple to Use & Configure

Our native LMS gamification tool is quick to setup and simple to adjust:

Easy-to-use admin reporting dashboard with data captured in real-time

Can export gamification data into analytics programs to evaluate initiatives and user group effectiveness; also integrates with third-party redemption systems

All gamification and social features are fully supported in ExpertusONE’s mobile app

Aligns with Social Learning

Has built-in context with ExpertusONE’s other integrated social tools:

Share − share any catalog item with peers and colleagues in just one click

Rate (Stars) − quickly rate training, evaluate course/instructor value and conduct rating-based searches

Discuss & Chat − access controlled discussion forums; IM chat for learners, instructors and admins

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