Assure competency with a digital, LMS-based observation checklist

Tracking employee performance on-the-job or in the field can be challenging. However, with our LMS-based observation checklist, you can now solve the disconnect between online and real-world training:

Meet Digital Transformation Initiatives
Eliminate the need for costly and inefficient, paper-based evaluations

Observe, Track & Assess Skills in the Field
Quickly, accurately determine employee competency

Record Performance Data in the LMS
Collate competency data with other learning info for deeper reporting insights

How It Works

Convenient Skills Assessment

The ExpertusONE LMS Observation Checklist automates the review and management of any in-person training─including field-based or on-the-job training, mentoring and skills supervision. Using a digital checklist of tasks, managers, instructors or mentors can conveniently observe a learner’s progress and accurately assess their mastery of skills.

Our customers use Observation Checklist to:

  • Identify employees or training areas that need more help
  • Demonstrate compliance/capabilities to executives or regulatory agencies
  • Create baselines for employee development and advancement

Significant Time & Resource Savings

Our digital checklists give you a structured and consistent way to measure learning across your enterprise:

  • Save time, money and resources by eliminating paper-based evaluations and manual data entry
  • Give managers and instructors easy, on-demand access to evaluations and reporting tools

With a customizable design, you can quickly create evaluations specific to a learner or group’s competency training needs. Then, group these checklists into categories to be leveraged across your LMS.

The ExpertusONE Digital LMS Difference

Unlike other observation checklists that reside in external systems, ExpertusONE’s functionality is native to the LMS. So, performance data can be easily merged and analyzed with other learning data. Not only does this save time and eliminate errors, but it also gives you better, deeper insights into your workforce’s competency and overall learning program’s success.

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