ExpertusONE earns the prestigious ranking for its “advanced features that large companies need”—delivering mobile-first, multi-audience innovation that scales learning across company boundaries

Santa Clara, CA – July 07, 2016 – ExpertusONE continues to gain industry acclaim being named the #1 Enterprise LMS by e-learning analyst Craig Weiss. Already earning Weiss’ top overall LMS ranking, the modern, cloud-based LMS was deemed the best system for large organizations due to its focus on serving their multiple audiences and diverse learning needs.

“The reason why Expertus is good is that they’ve worked with so many large companies. They know what their learning issues are, how to fix them and what best practices to apply. That’s why ExpertusONE is the best enterprise system,” Weiss said. “It has the advanced features that large companies need, and the ability to immediately scale as their learning numbers grow. Of course, ExpertusONE’s multi-audience design helps too, in that global corporations can now uniquely serve numerous user groups—employees, customers, partners, etc.—all from one system.”

ExpertusONE is the most powerful and intuitive LMS for training any audience in an organization’s ecosystem. The enterprise-class LMS engages and empowers learners and admins, enhances learning effectiveness and enables distributed learning at scale. Optimized for learning, ExpertusONE is built on a modern, cloud architecture for continued advances and innovation.

Key ways the enterprise-grade platform serves large companies include:

Native Scalability—immediately scales to accommodate expanding/larger global user groups and training programs; ample bandwidth to maintain top system performance

Group-based Learning—flexibility to address the specific needs of multiple learning audiences (employees, partners and customers) or organizations (sales, marketing, etc.) within an enterprise

Seamless Integrations—150+ pre-built APIs provide immediate, seamless connections with other enterprise-grade software: Salesforce, CRMs, HRISs and more; can also handle any content medium

Robust Security—can monitor the data feed of enterprise integrations for more nuanced data analysis and reporting; built-in auditable compliance and risk mitigation; extremely stable platform

“Future-Now” Design—architecture already supports where learning is heading: mobile, APIs, reporting, SSO, WebEx integration, LRSs, built-in logistics workflow, content embed and share (worker to worker), gamification and more

“More than 60% of our customers chose ExpertusONE for its scope and scalability,” Gordon Johnson, Expertus’ VP of Marketing, said. “We set out to build the best, most advanced and effective enterprise-class LMS available. With our growing list of customers from the world’s top companies, and with ongoing recognition from the industry’s most trusted analysts like Mr. Weiss, we are paving the way, and we’ll continue to push LMS innovation beyond what most are even considering.”

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Expertus delivers new, cloud LMS technology for the future of learning. ExpertusONE is a commercial-grade LMS with the flexibility and innovative design to handle the evolving learning needs of large, global enterprises. The platform provides one learning system for employees, customers or partners. Supports advanced mobile and HR system connections, along with REST API integrations (including Salesforce). Offers invisible learning, bringing learning to learners through innovative tools like Dynamic Shareable Links and Embeddable Widgets. And delivers total, immersive engagement via a contextual, user-focused experience. See how ExpertusONE delivers the future of the LMS today at