Capture any learning experience. Gain deeper training insights.

The first LMS-based learning record store (LRS), ExpertusONE makes it easy to find, record and manage all of your users’ learning experiences using Experience API (xAPI) standards.

Any Learning Format
Finds and records learning from any format or source, including: gaming, MP4, YouTube and virtual reality

Real-time Dashboards
Uses modern dashboards for quick analysis of learning data in real-time

One Location for All Learning Data
Simplifies how you measure the return and impact of your learning investment

How It Works

Captures & Standardizes Learning Data

Wherever learning happens, the ExpertusONE Learning Record Store can capture it.

It collects learning data from multiple content sources, including LMSs, content platforms and even other LRSs. Then it stores all learning interactions (from eLearning, web pages, games, VR simulations, etc.) in one consistent format─as xAPI statements.

These statements contain information about a person or group’s activities with formal and informal training content.

Complete View of Learning Experience

All learning data is held in one consolidated repository within the LRS as xAPI statements, and the learning activities become part of each user’s recorded training history.

This provides a complete picture of their entire learning experience, including: real world activities, mobile app interactions, learning achievements and more.

Powerful Reporting & Analysis

With the ExpertusONE Learning Record Store, you can seamlessly track and report on all learning, enterprise-wide, from one centralized location.

This simplifies your management and reporting of all learning activity. It also makes it easier to evaluate the effectiveness of your training programs, and your investments in them.

Real-time dashboard views─quickly see and act on the latest learning trends (popular courses and activities, most active users, highly accessed content, etc.)

Drill-down functionality─easily perform deeper analysis on specific learning activities by content, user and activity type

Detailed xAPI statements─accurately analyze how learners are consuming content and how to improve training effectiveness and value

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