Meet the ONE. Your digital LMS is here.

Introducing ExpertusONE. The market’s first learning management system designed to help deliver the digital transformation across your learning organization. Known as a digital LMS, ExpertusONE provides invisible and ubiquitous learning that’s always on:

Invisible Learning Delivery

Innovative tools such as dynamic shareable links and embeddable widgets place personalized training in the areas learners frequent the most. No searching is needed. And access is seamless.

Ubiquitous Digital Platform

Our modern, digital learning platform supports any kind of content (vILT, YouTube, video, virtual reality and more) and easily integrates with other enterprise systems: HRIS, CRM, SSO and ERP.

Always On Access

With a robust mobile app, learning can be consumed anytime, anywhere─including on/offline sync. Managers and instructors can also utilize the LMS’ reporting and actionable analytics on-the-go.

Read on to learn more about the entire ExpertusONE digital LMS suite…

Improve productivity with the best mobile LMS app

Create and track eLearning with a rapid LMS authoring tool

View trainings. Take surveys. From ONE LMS content player.

Capture any learning experience. Gain deeper insights.

The best LMS for Salesforce. The most engaging experience.

The industry’s most advanced LMS integration

LMS gamification that molds behavior and drives change

Assure competency with an LMS-based observation checklist

The LMS eCommerce solution to drive global training revenue

Sophisticated LMS reporting. Made simple.

Easy to use virtual meetings for the digital LMS

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