Rapid LMS Authoring Tool

Grab learner attention. Quickly author content. Easily track eLearning effectiveness.

In the race to deliver more microlearning, you need to be sure that it’s actually consumed and understood. The ExpertusONE Interaction Studio makes this possible:

Rapidly Develop Content
Create xAPI compliant microlearning without having to learn a complex authoring tool

Drive Learner Engagement
Add fun, meaningful interactions to videos and presentations in a few easy steps

Raise Learning Program Impact
Use integration with ExpertusONE’s Learning Record Store to conveniently track learner progress, create dashboards and perform usage analysis, all from one system

How It Works

Add Fun, Impactful Activities

ExpertusONE’s Interaction Studio was designed to increase learner engagement and training interactivity for better eLearning understanding.

For any existing video asset, you can add context-based activities, such as quizzes and games, to break up longer training. This keeps viewers interested and tests their comprehension.

To add an interaction, simply:

  • Upload an MP4 file or YouTube/Vimeo link
  • Select which activities you’d like to add and where
  • Click preview, then publish… it’s just that easy!

Create Microlearning On-Demand

Help your SMEs, instructional designers and managers keep up with the demand for microlearning by using our LMS authoring tool to create presentations on the fly.

No training or learning curve is needed, and slide decks can be published and used in minutes. Users can also add the same engaging interactions as available for video eLearning, including videos, audio files, images and quizzes.

Once presentations or videos are completed in Interaction Studio, you can associate them to any course, training or content in ExpertusONE. And since they’re HTML5 enabled, they’re 100% mobile ready and browser agnostic.

Improve eLearning Retention

With Interaction Studio you can control how engaged your learners are and how well they’re learning the content. You can:

Define passing scores for all interactions─and determine if learners can retry questions, get hints or see solutions. This helps them better understand and retain the training.

Set content completion percentages─define how many interactions must be done correctly to complete the content. This ensures videos/presentations are watched in entirety.

Provide Learning Program Analysis

Since all interactions are xAPI compliant, every presentation and video created in Interaction Studio can be stored and tracked in ExpertusONE’s native Learning Record Store (LRS).

From there, you can see dashboards and run reports on: eLearning popularity, completion percentages, question-level analysis, and more.

This business-critical data can help you improve eLearning effectiveness and raise your learning program’s value. You’ll also save time and hassles by having an authoring tool and LRS that work seamlessly together from one underlying system.

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