ExpertusONE was selected by a number of the world’s largest companies because of its superior platform scalability, globalization, admin efficiencies and partner/customer training support

Santa Clara, CA – Jan. 17, 2017 – Expertus announced today that it grew the number of ExpertusONE LMS users by 120% in 2016. Expertus attributes this substantial growth to the ongoing addition of advanced, enterprise-grade LMS features and functionality which directly appeal to the world’s largest and most successful companies. Some of these key advancements include:

  • On-demand platform scalability—scales to serve hundreds of thousands of users with no performance degradation, which enables companies to quickly capitalize on new training opportunities
  • Globalized UI—personalized, modern user interface grows training adoption with localized language, time zone, eCommerce, etc.
  • Reduced admin workload—automated and streamlined processes in the areas of reporting, mobile and calendaring speed admin productivity and reduce errors, which significantly lowers admin workload and costs across big enterprises
  • Multi-audience support—one platform supports internal and external learning audiences, making it easy for companies to segment and invigorate customer/partner training

“ExpertusONE initially took off with top-tier technology companies because they first recognized the importance of giving their partners/customers a positive, modern training experience,” Tim Armstrong, Expertus’ SVP of Sales, said. “Now global non-tech companies are recognizing the tremendous value of extended enterprise training (better partner/customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime sales or purchases), and they’re turning to ExpertusONE because it provides the ultimate training experience. Most partners/customers have to buy training. So if it’s not easy to use and access, they won’t take it.”

“As one of the world’s largest companies, we ultimately selected ExpertusONE because it could keep up with our ongoing, rapid growth, support all of our globally-dispersed learning audiences and provide a premier learning experience that presents training in the way people want to learn today—mobile, fresh, streamlined,” the company’s SVP of Marketing said.

Expertus has many new ExpertusONE LMS advancements planned for 2017 and expects to continue record user growth.

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