Company now reaches more learners, with better adoption rates and a superior learning experience thanks to Expertus’ innovative learning solution

Santa Clara, CA September 3, 2013Expertus announced today its highly successful learning services partnership with another energy industry leader. In only eight months’ time, Expertus helped the Europe-based power and rail technology giant offer more training sessions, to more learners, in more global locations… all from one cost-efficient, fully centralized learning operations center.

“With six learning campuses located around the world, this company needed a faster, simpler, more flexible way to optimize and run their rapidly expanding training organization,” Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ President and CEO, said. “And Expertus delivered!”

The organization’s online training program was previously supported by multiple departments in numerous sectors and lacked the standardized tools, processes and systems to fully support its massive learning audience − 85,000 people across 70 countries. Specific challenges and limitations included:

  • Restricted training scalability
  • High course cancellations
  • Inefficient completion tracking
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Slow learner billing

After reviewing plans from the world’s top learning providers, the energy leader chose Expertus based on its record years of experience and innovative learning services solutions.

“I was greatly impressed with the creative solution Expertus presented,” the company’s Shared-Services Director, said. “They identified our weaknesses and developed a realistic plan that addressed them fully… all in a timeframe and at a cost that’s better than we thought possible.”

Some of the best-in-breed services included in power provider’s program were:

  • Customized business model
  • Standardized processes and documentation
  • Advanced logistics dashboard
  • Next-gen analytics and reporting
  • Centralized billing and tracking

In just eight months’ time, Expertus’ customer doubled the number of its completed training sessions. And this number continues to grow, even as support costs decline.

“With our expert guidance, they are now deploying more training, at less cost, than ever before,” Ramani said. “This is truly a game-changer for their learning program and corporate business.”

The Shared-Services Director agreed, “We’re exceptionally happy with the results Expertus has delivered. They’ve definitely lived up to their reputation as the learning experts. And we look forward to exploring other areas where they can help grow our global learning business.”

To learn more, read the full case study or visit Expertus’ website.


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Expertus delivers next-gen, cloud-based learning management system technology that represents a whole new way of thinking about learning. Based in Silicon Valley, Expertus serves customers from offices in the US, Europe and Asia, and provides a full range of LMS delivery and support services to ensure smooth transitions from legacy systems, rapid technology deployment and sustained learning success.

The company’s flagship product, ExpertusONE, is an enterprise-class, cloud LMS that learners, admins and executives love. Built with simplicity of use in mind, only ExpertusONE leverages the heuristic design principles developed by today’s most popular websites − Google, Facebook and Amazon − resulting in a user interface that’s incredibly easy to use, next-gen architecture that’s exceptionally simple to run and a highly productive learning ecosystem that rapidly builds learning value organization-wide.