Santa Clara, CA – March 14, 2019Expertus continues to help customers drive business performance and expand their learning programs’ success with the industry’s most complete set of REST API integration avenues. Designed for performance, ExpertusONE API quickly and efficiently links the LMS with other business-critical systems:

  • Deep, two-way connections to HRIS, CRM and ERP systems
  • Use of ExpertusONE LMS within Salesforce, SharePoint, LinkedIn, mobile apps and more
  • Ability to merge data from all integrated systems for improved business insights and outcomes

“In today’s digital era, it’s imperative to integrate your learning platform with your entire suite of enterprise systems. The success of your learning programs and overall business performance depend on it,” said Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO. “That’s why we developed the most robust LMS API library available. ExpertusONE API gives our customers an easy and efficient way to create the best workflows for their organization’s unique integration requirements.”

ExpertusONE API can integrate with any application and supports all learner, manager, instructor and administrator LMS functionalities. Popular integration use cases include: auto-provisioning users, registering and launching content outside of the LMS, customizing the user’s learning experience, synchronizing training completion data and integrating reporting and analytics─tying learning insights with broader business goals.

ExpertusONE’s APIs are designed to extend the LMS’ reach. Ramani explains… “When we release new ExpertusONE features, we create and release supporting APIs in parallel. So, our customers can use them without delay, and continue to make their LMS more scalable and extensible.”

Expertus’ API library is also focused on performance. “Just because an LMS has a broad range of APIs, it doesn’t mean that they’ll perform well,” continued Ramani. “However, when you build a learner-facing application with ExpertusONE API, you get the same reliability and performance as you get in our LMS.”

Three ways ExpertusONE API improves application performance are:

  • High throttling thresholds─by setting throttling limits for each API individually at 60-second intervals, customers can use multiple APIs simultaneously, develop applications in real-time and maintain high performance levels across all systems
  • More efficient design─instead of requiring multiple API calls per task (which creates a slower, more complicated application), ExpertusONE typically requires only one call per action—for a faster, more streamlined integration
  • API simulator─ExpertusONE customers can test APIs on the LMS’ API simulator to speed and simplify the building of new applications

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“As part of a digital learning system, ExpertusONE API helps connect and digitize your entire enterprise,” concluded Ramani. “Integrations applicable to individual users or groups can be leveraged across departments. And any system can talk to any other system, at any time. It’s the next level of digital integration.”

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