Report Recaps Roundtable Discussion About the Evolution of LMS Platforms

Mountain View, CA – January 27, 2011 – Expertus, a global provider of software and services that optimize the business impact of learning, today released a white paper entitled, What’s the Future of the LMS? (

The report outlines findings from the latest Learning Executive Think Tank, where learning executives from top organizations were brought together virtually to discuss, “How has the LMS evolved in your organization in recent years and what do you believe to be its future?” Tom Kelly, former learning executive at Cisco and Oracle, served as the moderator.

In light of recent research findings on the current and future state of the LMS ( from Expertus and Training Industry, Inc., participants were asked how the LMS is currently being used in their organization, and whether they intend to modify the system to meet future needs. Many reported plans to either supplement or alter the LMS so content is more tailored to individual needs. Some indicated they are in the process of developing a system that will pull information from the user to allow for more comprehensive and exact searches.

Based on the discussion, Expertus identified three action steps learning executives are taking to supplement their LMS to accommodate future requirements. Examples and insights from participants peppered throughout. Those steps are:

1. Accept the LMS for what it is and what is was designed to do. Many learning executives agreed that we need to accept the LMS as it exists today and decide individually what adaptations and additions need to be made to fit the unique demands of users.

2. Integrate the LMS to new systems in order to get the job done. Today’s LMS is not nimble enough to meet all users’ knowledge demands. All think tank participants agreed that it is too difficult and expensive to change the current LMS to meet new learning demands. Instead, they’re looking for ways to complement their systems with additional methods to provide a more robust learning experience. The end goal is to ensure users can locate the information they need and implement it in a timely manner.

3. Continue to track and measure. With the integration of new systems to supplement the LMS, it is necessary to track their use and measure their effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes. It is important to know and understand where users go for information and how well it serves their needs.

“LMSs generally do certain functions quite well and have a place in learning organizations, but the original intention of the LMS differs from the state of learning today,” said Ramesh Ramani, Founder and CEO of Expertus. “However, with creative modifications to current LMSs, they will continue to live and breathe in the marketplace.”

The report concludes, “The rate of technological change requires learning tools that can adapt quickly and provide just-in-time knowledge that fits individual user needs. Learning executives are still experimenting with processes, technologies and techniques that will best complement the LMS. As organizations discover effective methods that blend well into their present system, it is likely the LMS will continue to be an important part of the learning organization infrastructure.”

Think Tank participants represented a variety of industries including: medical technology, healthcare management, software development, financial services, education, business communications, and technology services.

The Learning Executive Think Tank, sponsored by Expertus, is different from other learning industry groups because it focuses on the business aspects of training and its impact on ROI. Members are hand-selected, senior-level learning executives who have long track records of successful learning leadership. The sessions concentrate on real results and best practices and not theoretical or “bleeding edge” solutions.

Since 2008, 11 Learning Executive Think Tanks have been held with insightful white papers produced after each session ( To inquire about participating in future Think Tanks, contact Gordon Johnson at

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