Outclassing all other cloud learning systems, ExpertusONE v4.0 bundles industry-best mobile, reporting, social, conferencing and integration solutions for the most advanced, easiest to use and run LMS available

Santa Clara, CA May 02, 2013Expertus unveiled today version 4.0 of its industry and analyst acclaimed ExpertusONE™ LMS. Already named the #1 LMS of 2013, ExpertusONE continues to direct what’s next in cloud learning systems with exceptionally advanced technology that: elevates the platform’s simple-to-use ‘heuristic’ design, and optimally supports today’s on-the-go, ‘need it now’ enterprise learning environment.

Seven major advancements featured in the v4.0 release include:

1) ExpertusONE Mobile − Introducing the easiest way to learn anytime, anywhere, on any Android or Apple iOS device! Thanks to the first true offline sync, content can be downloaded to a learner’s device and then launched without internet connectivity. This means zero performance delays and no restricted access or limited functionality. Learners simply launch courses, documents, videos or social tools – whatever they need − when and wherever they need it most. And, most importantly, when they do connect again, all progress/completion is auto-synced back to your LMS. ExpertusONE Mobile also features real-time calendar sync, allowing your mobile workforce to sign up for courses without double-booking their learning and real world commitments.

2) ExpertusONE Insights This revolutionary, easy to use reporting interface and wizard has never been seen in a LMS before now. In just five clicks or less, managers access real-time, business-critical information, including: individual learning progress, knowledge asset demand, social learning level/quality and other valuable analytics. The innovative wizard interface eliminates users’ learning curve and saves time. They simply drag and drop desired learning entities, select their fields and instantly create custom reports of any design or complexity pulling from any/all LMS data. Plus, since ExpertusONE’s deployed in a private cloud with a separate reporting database, ExpertusONE Insights eliminates frustrating reporting performance issues and real-time data availability concerns. It also ends the need for expensive third-party reporting tools.

3) Contextual & Continuous Social Learning − With class-centered discussion forums, chat and knowledge-sharing, ExpertusONE’s social learning platform enhances and adds context to your formal learning programs. Learners can: share knowledge and work experience; post questions; get quick answers; provide valuable feedback (content ratings); and recommend courses to friends and peers, enterprise-wide. This business social network approach ensures real-time collaboration among students, coworkers and instructors − even after course completion − for a continuous learning experience. An expert network also makes it easy to identify and communicate with subject matter experts, further extending learning beyond the classroom.

4) ExpertusONE Meetings As the only LMS with a built-in virtual conferencing module, ExpertusONE uniquely provides a state-of-the-art meeting and classroom environment, including: on-demand collaboration (via private and public chat); real-time video conferencing (for superior engagement); desktop, application and file sharing; and content uploading (for collaborative whiteboarding/workshop style participation). ExpertusONE Meetings offers the choice between free VoIP and integrated phone conferencing, and is the easiest to use/support solution available since there’s… 1. No need to create classes and sessions separately in the LMS, 2. Learners can register, attend and complete virtual classroom sessions in just one step, and 3. No risk of poor integration with an acquired product or module.

Seamless Virtual Classroom Integration: In addition, using REST APIs, ExpertusONE now integrates deeply with all major virtual conferencing solutions for expanded support, tracking, bundling and reporting.

5) ExpertusONE Link − Expertus boasts the industry’s best integration library, allowing any/all LMS functionality to be implemented or reused by alternative systems and mechanisms via RESTful web services protocols. Using our REST APIs − which are updated with every ExpertusONE release − your developers can expand and/or extend their applications in new and creative ways, including building applications, portals, widgets or integrations with other enterprise applications. And by empowering you to develop and maintain your own integrations, ExpertusONE Link greatly reduces your total cost of ownership versus comparable LMSs.

6) ExpertusONE Commerce – It’s never been easier to grow and manage your commercial training program! Designed to solve the unique needs and challenges of training for both internal and external consumption, ExpertusONE Commerce delivers a familiar shopping cart, multiple payment methods (credit card, invoice and training credits) and support for complex global tax policies. Its unique promotions and discounts module also allows you to monetize and expand revenue opportunities.

7) Private Cloud Hosting − ExpertusONE’s deployed on a vertically and horizontally scalable virtualized environment, which allows for superior enterprise scalability and the high availability hosting needed to meet today’s stringent compliance standards. This maximum resiliency also: greatly lowers downtime, minimizes maintenance windows and supports the rapid scalability with redundant infrastructure necessary to assure no single point of failure.

“ExpertusONE version 4.0 is yet another example of Expertus’ ongoing commitment to delivering the most advanced LMS cloud technology. It’s also the reason why ExpertusONE won eight prestigious industry awards in 2012, and was named the #1 LMS of 2013,” Ramesh Ramani , Expertus’ CEO, said. “Quite simply, ExpertusONE’s award-winning, highly intuitive, immersive and collaborative design is the best solution for supporting today’s fast-paced, ever-changing enterprise learning environment.”

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About Expertus & ExpertusONE

Expertus delivers next-gen, cloud-based learning management system technology that represents a whole new way of thinking about learning. Based in Silicon Valley, Expertus serves customers from offices in the US, Europe and India, and provides a full range of LMS consulting, training, implementation and support services to ensure smooth transitions from legacy systems, rapid technology deployment and sustained learning success.

The company’s flagship product, ExpertusONE, is an enterprise-class, cloud LMS that learners, admins and executives love. Built with simplicity of use in mind, only ExpertusONE leverages the heuristic design principles developed by today’s most popular websites − Google, Facebook and Amazon.

To learn more, visit expertus.com, call 877-827-8160 or email info@expertus.com.