Native to all mobile devices, ExpertusONE Mobile delivers the platform’s same best-in-breed features and usability with real-time LMS connectivity and true offline sync

Santa Clara, CA December 03, 2012Expertus, a premier provider of next-gen, cloud-based learning systems and strategies, announced today ExpertusONE Mobile − the market’s first zero compromise, highly scalable and secure mobile learning application. Exclusive to the company’s award-winning ExpertusONE™ Cloud LMS, ExpertusONE Mobile enables users to learn anywhere, anytime via native iOS and Android apps with real-time LMS connectivity and the first available enterprise-class offline content player.

“Thanks to ExpertusONE Mobile, today’s global, on-the-go workforce no longer has to compromise when it comes to remote learning,” Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ President and CEO, said. “They now get the same next-gen LMS features, usability and performance that ExpertusONE is known for… direct to their mobile devices… whether they’re online or offline. It’s the easy, seamless solution mobile learners have been asking for.”

Key Features

ExpertusONE Mobile is designed to support ongoing learning cycles for users that travel, work in the field or have limited internet accessibility/bandwidth. Key and groundbreaking features include:

  • Universal Mobile Access − Native apps for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and all Android-based tablets and devices.
  • True Offline Content Player — First and only enterprise LMS to provide real offline sync; mobile-ready content can be downloaded to any device, used offline, then automatically synced back to the LMS when connected.
  • Identical LMS Features Set/Functionality − No ExpertusONE LMS features lost in mobile application; users can source all learning content and resources, access their LMS catalog, use social tools, view, search and register for courses, etc.
  • Real-time LMS Connectivity − Mobile application links in real-time to each customer’s ExpertusONE LMS.
  • ReST APIs & Agile Development − Leverages ExpertusONE’s ReST API framework and Expertus’ agile development model to ensure more functionality, faster with ongoing LMS and mobile enhancements.

“While other LMSs offer some type of mobile platform, they’re entirely separate, piecemeal systems with lots of features, speed and accessibility limitations,” Ramani explained. “ExpertusONE, however, takes mobile learning to the next level by finally providing a cohesive, all-inclusive, integrated solution with offline learning and automatic sync capabilities.”

ExpertusONE Mobile Demo

Scheduled from 1 to 2 pm ET on December 12 and 13, The ExpertusONE Experience will feature a live, interactive demo of ExpertusONE Mobile, as well as a Q&A session, interactive polls and an iPad mini giveaway. (Click here to register.)

“We believe the future of learning is mobile. That’s why we’re designing our ExpertusONE LMS to not just work with mobile devices, but to provide an even better, richer learning experience than what’s available via traditional PCs now,” Ramani concluded. “ExpertusONE Mobile is yet another example of Expertus delivering next-gen learning, today.”

About Expertus and ExpertusONE

Based in Silicon Valley, Expertus serves customers from offices in the US, Europe and India, and provides a full range of innovative learning products and services that ensure seamless transitions from legacy systems, rapid technology deployment and sustained learning success.

Expertus’ flagship product, ExpertusONE, is an entirely new breed of LMS − one that replaces the frustrations and complexities of legacy systems with the unprecedented usability and scalability today’s global learning organizations demand.

Based on cloud and Web 2.0 technologies, and built with learners and performance in mind, only ExpertusONE employs the principles of heuristic design for a far more intuitive, engaging and responsive learning experience. A ‘next-gen’ experience that: leverages the collaborative nature of the cloud, embraces mobile and social platforms and reaches all of an organization’s internal and external learning audiences.

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