Featuring one of the industry’s first native virtual conferencing modules, ExpertusONE provides the easiest to use online training environment with exceptional cost-savings

Santa Clara, CA November 12, 2013Expertus unveiled today ExpertusONE Meetings − a native, integration-free virtual conferencing module with a simplified user and admin experience and a real cost-savings advantage. Exclusive to the company’s award-winning ExpertusONE LMS, Meetings uniquely provides today’s latest virtual conferencing tools (such as on-demand video conferencing, whiteboarding, chat and more) right from the LMS and without having to buy and integrate a third-party tool.

“ExpertusONE was solely designed to make learning easy, engaging and productive. And Meetings is yet another example of how we’ve delivered on this promise,” Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ President and CEO, said. “ExpertusONE customers can leverage Meetings’ native technology to consolidate systems, simplify the user experience and streamline admin activities. It’s the cost-saving, hassle-free solution they’ve been looking for.”

Key Features & Benefits

ExpertusONE has the easiest to use and support virtual conferencing tool available. Four key features include:

  • Built-in, Native Technology − One of the only enterprise LMSs with a native virtual conferencing tool: no integrations or setup required; no risk of poor integration with an acquired product or module.
  • Latest Virtual Conferencing Tools Features today’s and trending virtual meeting capabilities: private and public chat for on-demand collaboration; real-time video conferencing for superior engagement; desktop, application and file sharing; content uploading/whiteboarding for workshop-style participation.
  • Easy to Use Experience Native, next-gen design streamlines use: learners register, attend and complete virtual sessions in just one step; no need to remember multiple launch links and passwords since meetings are launched from the LMS; instructors can quickly: switch view from presentation to chat, video or learner’s screen, drop/mute learners and navigate between slides; learners can easily: change display size, have public/private chats and raise their hands.
  • Real Cost-savings Consolidates systems and automates admin activities: eliminates costly data entry with all meeting content auto-synced to the LMS; speeds meeting setup/reduces errors; sessions created in only one step (versus going to the LMS and meeting tool) with crossover sync; simplifies roster management since attendance and completion data is automatically captured.

For more info about ExpertusONE, please call 877-827-8160 or email info@expertus.com.


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About Expertus & ExpertusONE

Expertus delivers next-gen, cloud-based learning management system technology that represents a whole new way of thinking about learning. Based in Silicon Valley, Expertus serves customers from offices in the US, Europe and Asia, and provides a full range of LMS delivery and support services to ensure smooth transitions from legacy systems, rapid technology deployment and sustained learning success.

The company’s flagship product, ExpertusONE, is an enterprise-class, cloud LMS that learners, admins and executives love. Built with simplicity of use in mind, only ExpertusONE leverages the heuristic design principles developed by today’s most popular websites − Google, Facebook and Amazon − resulting in a user interface that’s incredibly easy to use, next-gen architecture that’s exceptionally simple to run and a highly productive learning ecosystem that rapidly builds learning value organization-wide.