Expertus’ learning management system tops E-Learning 24/7’s recently released rankings due to its modern, “future of learning” design, including next-gen mobile, gamification and predictive, group-based learning

Santa Clara, CA – September 22, 2015 – ExpertusONE was named the #1 NextGen LMS for 2015-16 in E-Learning 24/7’s latest Top 10 LMS rankings. Recognized as a “top tier system” by Craig Weiss’ analyst firm for the past four years, he once again designated ExpertusONE as the leader in modern learning management system design.

Areas where the ExpertusONE cloud LMS “crushed it” include:

  • Mobile—native mobile app with voice capability, extensive app functionality and on/off synch with a responsive design “already in play”
  • Gamification—“totally there” including leaderboards, badges, etc.
  • Group-based Learning—predictive learning “exists and looks sharp”
  • Video—shoot video, capture images and upload directly into the LMS
  • Roadmap—“out of the gate” with a next-gen feature set and more to come

Weiss explained, “They are not just thinking now, but down the road – in multiple ways.”

E-Learning 24/7 provides LMS consulting services to buyers, and advisory and analyst services to eLearning vendors. Its founder and CEO, Craig Weiss, is an eLearning expert, blogger, analyst and speaker, and was recently named one of the world’s most influential people for eLearning.

“Just when I think it must be the end of NextGen for them (ExpertusONE), ZING, SMASH, YOWSA—they come out of the gate with some really NextGen feature sets,” Weiss remarked. “They not only pushed the boundaries of what’s capable in learning tech, they crushed it.”

ExpertusONE is uniquely built for mobility, collaboration, insights and integrations with HRIS, CRM and other systems. Using the simplest, advanced architecture, ExpertusONE streamlines LMS administration and provides an intuitive learner experience—for unmatched learning adoption. The platform offers a breadth of advancements that reflect an expanded view of learning technology: mobile, gamification, social collaboration, analytics, xAPI/LRS, meetings, eCommerce and REST APIs, to name a few. With ExpertusONE, companies can support distributed learning at scale and drive productivity through continuous engagement, dynamic information flow and empowered management.

“It’s great to see others recognize that we’re rapidly moving ahead. We continue to innovate and deliver advanced functionality in a powerful cloud LMS that meets the demands of large enterprises and provides the usability and experience that smaller companies have come to expect,” Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO, said. “So we’re honored and thrilled to once again top Craig’s prestigious LMS rankings list. ExpertusONE is designed for continual innovation to deliver the future of learning for companies today, and this recognition adds to our success.”

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Expertus delivers new, cloud LMS technology for the future of learning. ExpertusONE is a commercial-grade LMS with the flexibility and innovative design to handle the evolving learning needs of large, global enterprises. The platform provides one learning system for employees, customers or partners. Supports advanced mobile and HR system connections, along with REST API integrations (including Salesforce). Offers invisible learning, bringing learning to learners through innovative tools like Dynamic Shareable Links and Embeddable Widgets. And delivers total, immersive engagement via a contextual, user-focused experience. See how ExpertusONE delivers the future of the LMS today at