Placing in the top 3 LMSs for both enterprises and extended enterprise, Craig Weiss finds ExpertusONE to be a robust, virtually one stop shop platform with a mobile app that “has it all”

Santa Clara, CA – Mar. 02, 2017 – Expertus announced today that ExpertusONE has been ranked one of the world’s best LMSs for distributed, multi-audience learning. Placing in the top 3 platforms for enterprises and the extended enterprise in Craig Weiss’ 2017 Top 50 LMS Report, ExpertusONE also ranked high for mobile─making it a perfect LMS platform for distributed audiences that are on-the-go.

“ExpertusONE is a robust, super-sized system,” Craig Weiss, the Craig Weiss Group’s CEO and Lead Analyst, said. “What makes it unique is that it brings innovative technology that includes an advanced mobile app for smartphones and tablets and a modern architecture that easily adapts to what’s next in learning. It is also enterprise friendly. Extended enterprise too.”

“With so many ‘specialist LMSs’ out there (focusing on industry, company size, audience type, etc.), Craig Weiss knows how important it is to find the right LMS for your organization. That’s why his report and rankings are so valued, because they help companies quickly filter down to the optimal LMS fit,” Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO, said. “The right LMS for you, may not be the best overall platform. So, it’s great that he provides this service and that he recognized ExpertusONE as an outstanding fit for large or growing companies with complex needs for serving both internal and external learning audiences.”

ExpertusONE is a robust learning management system with the horsepower to handle workforce training complexity and the clean simplicity to engage external learners, including: partners, customers, vendors, franchises, contractors and distributed workers─salespeople, subsidiaries, retailers and remote employees. Built on a platform that’s “highly responsive and browser-agnostic”, the LMS works well across platforms and devices. ExpertusONE also, according to Weiss, has the learning industry’s most advanced, dedicated mobile app with offline sync, geolocation and a voice assistant.

“We’ve overcome the complexities of workforce and external training to ensure that any learner, no matter who they are, where they are, is highly engaged and gets a pain-free learning experience,” Ramani concluded. “ExpertusONE is nimble enough to handle changing markets and extensible to accommodate the unique differences of multiple audiences. It’s the only LMS growing, global companies will ever need.”

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Expertus delivers new, cloud LMS technology for the future of learning. ExpertusONE is a commercial-grade LMS with the flexibility and innovative design to handle the evolving learning needs of large, global enterprises. The platform provides one learning system for employees, customers or partners. Supports advanced mobile and HR system connections, along with REST API integrations (including Salesforce). Offers invisible learning, bringing learning to learners through innovative tools like Dynamic Shareable Links and Embeddable Widgets. And delivers total, immersive engagement via a contextual, user-focused experience. See how ExpertusONE delivers the future of the LMS today at

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