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Scheduled for Oct. 1, Leh will explain why customers prefer a mobile, social and gamified “Amazon-like” experience versus a traditional LMS environment

Santa Clara, CA – Sept. 16, 2014Talented Learning and Expertus announced today their upcoming webinar “How to Select the Right LMS for Your Customer Training”. Scheduled from 1 – 2 pm ET on Wed., Oct. 1, the instructional session will cover this critical, trending subject and will be hosted by John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning, and Caleb Johnson, Director of Strategic Accounts of Expertus.

Key webinar takeaways include:

• Best practices for selecting a customer-facing LMS
• Critical differences between customer and employee learners
• The required LMS features for successful customer training
• Recommended next steps and resources

“Today’s customers and the traditional LMS environment simply do not mix. They expect a modern, Amazon-like experience where learning is simple to find, buy, consume and track,” Leh explained. “This webinar will detail the latest processes and technologies that best engage your external training audiences and grow their learning sales.”

“If you’re contemplating reverse engineering your LMS to better suit external learners, make sure to attend this webinar first,” Johnson added. “We’ll include a live Q&A session where you can pose your organization-specific questions, and present real life examples of cutting-edge eCommerce technology to stimulate your imagination of what’s possible in customer training.”

Presenter Bios

John Leh is CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, LLC. As an LMS selection consultant and eLearning industry blogger, he helps organizations plan and implement technology strategies that support extended enterprise learning. John has almost 20 years of experience in the LMS industry, having served as a trusted adviser to more than 100 learning organizations with a total technology spends of more than $50 million.

Caleb Johnson serves as Expertus’ Director of Strategic Accounts. He has over 10 years of experience in the corporate software market, working with Fortune 500 companies to develop and rollout complex learning solutions. Having worked with governments, universities and many multi-nationals during this time, Caleb is experienced in helping stakeholders develop strategic plans, business cases and realize a return on investment with enterprise projects.


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About Expertus

Expertus delivers next-gen, cloud-based learning management system technology that represents a whole new way of thinking about learning. Based in Silicon Valley, Expertus serves customers from offices in the US, Europe and Asia, and provides a full range of LMS delivery and support services to ensure smooth transitions from legacy systems, rapid technology deployment and sustained learning success.

The company’s flagship product, ExpertusONE, is an enterprise-class, cloud LMS that learners, admins and executives love. Built with simplicity of use in mind, only ExpertusONE leverages the heuristic design principles developed by today’s most popular websites − Google, Facebook and Amazon − resulting in a user interface that’s incredibly easy to use, next-gen architecture that’s exceptionally simple to run and a highly productive learning ecosystem that rapidly builds learning value organization-wide.