17 Top Learning Leaders Define 9 “Best” Best Practices

Mountain View, CA – November 19, 2009 – Expertus, a global provider of services that optimize the business impact of learning, recently led a live Learning Executive Think Tank in Scottsdale, Arizona to take a deep dive into the formula of a high functioning learning organization. The half-day event was attended by 17 of the learning industry’s top minds and represented a good cross section of the business community. Expertus today released a white paper summarizing the discussion. “9 ‘Best’ Best Practices of High Functioning Learning Organizations” is available at Expertus’ thought leadership site http://www.trainingefficiency.com
(direct link: http://www.trainingefficiency.com/system/file /9_Best_Best_Practices_of_High_Functioning_Learning_Organizations.pdf).

In this fifth Learning Executive Think Tank of the 2009 series, Tom Clancy, VP of Education at EMC, and Ernie Kahane, the Director of Training Strategy at EMC, moderated the event to exchange the “best” best practices used to thrive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Prior to the meeting, participants were asked to choose practices or activities that differentiate what they do, are compelling, and are the “best” of the best practices currently being utilized or planned for implementation. Many learning leaders indicated similar challenges, and each offered a number of effective methods for successfully overcoming major issues while helping their organization achieve its objectives.

Here is a sampling of their recommendations:

  • Advisory Councils – One learning leader found advisory councils to be the most effective means of ensuring effective content design and implementation. By creating a solid cross-section of decision-making executives and front-line managers, training is sure to be more successful.
  • Go Slow to Go Fast – To ensure positive results, one panelist “goes slow to go fast,” engaging in painstaking pre-work to make certain that every program detail is clearly aligned to address a specific issue or challenge. The result has been complete alignment from the top down and significant business growth by building the talent within the organization.
  • Mentoring Programs – With the prevalence of self-paced training and virtual learning environments, companies are now struggling with how to infuse more of a human element into their training initiatives. To make learning more “high touch,” one participant utilizes a highly successful and well-established mentoring program.

To learn more about these best practices, as well as other suggestions – including stakeholder communications, a quarterly development process, global processes, external executive on-boarding, virtual learning environments and blended on-line learning, visit http://www.trainingefficiency.com/system/files/9_Best_Best_Practices_of_High_Functioning_

One more Think Tank discussion is planned for 2009. To find summaries from prior roundtable discussions visit http://www.TrainingEfficiency.com. To inquire about participating, please contact Gordon Johnson at gordonj@expertus.com. For information on Expertus, please visit www.expertus.com or call Mohana Radhakrishnan mohanark@expertus.com.

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