Attendees of Expertus’ “Smart LMS Admin Webinars” will learn how to streamline workflows, grow user adoption, maintain quality governance and improve reporting results and efficiencies

Santa Clara, CA – Nov. 15, 2016 – Expertus announced today its Smart LMS Admin Webinar Series, which aims to help LMS Admins of all learning platforms overcome their most frustrating and challenging learning administration problems. Host Holly Sheldon, Expertus’ Sr. Business Analyst and former LMS Administrator, will draw from her and Expertus’ many years of experience, training and research to present new tips and tricks that “get LMS admins out of catchup mode” with smarter workflows and job strategies. Areas of focus will include: automated administration, LMS reporting and learner engagement/satisfaction.

“We understand the dire importance of LMS Admins, and the pressure they’re under,” Sheldon explained. “Unlike other enterprise software, the LMS touches everyone in a company. So if there are problems, they’re felt across the organization. And that’s why we developed this instructional webinar series—to give admins the help and support they so justly deserve.”

Following are the first two webinars offered in the Smart LMS Admin series:

Dec. 1 at 1:00pm ET—“The Top 5 LMS Administration Headaches, and How to Avoid Them”

Addresses ways to sidestep LMS complexity and complications, including how to:

  • Grow user adoption and engagement
  • Create efficient workflows
  • Maintain quality governance
  • Develop more effective and meaningful communication

Feb. 2 at 1:00pm ET—“The Top 5 LMS Reporting Headaches, and How to Avoid Them”

Covers how to end chronic LMS reporting issues, including:

  • Easy ways to find meaningful data in key reports
  • How to automate report generation and scheduling
  • Key strategies for getting buy-in on helpful reporting data

To learn more or RSVP for either webinar, click here. For more information about Expertus, please call 877-827-8160 or email


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