Experts Review Scorecards and Offer Insights

Mountain View, CA – June 22, 2009 – It’s been approximately one year since the one-of-a-kind “Training Efficiency Assessment” tool was launched at Expertus, a global provider of services that optimize the business impact of learning, today released some top-level findings gleaned from the organizations who took the opportunity to measure their efficiency and obtain prescriptions for enhancing their learning operations. In addition, Bersin & Associates released a brief on the findings, “Corporate Training Efficiency: More Work to Do” available at:

Developed by Bersin & Associates, a research and advisory firm focused on enterprise learning and talent management, the free efficiency scorecard ( guides organizations in optimizing training operations. This evaluation, scorecard and feedback program was designed to set the standard in measuring training efficiency.

“Training expenses can be hard to justify and organizations want to know that their training investments are paying off with measurable results,” said Josh Bersin, president of Bersin & Associates. “The assessment findings showed that many organizations have opportunities to get much more from their current budgets by taking a hard look at efficiencies in key areas and exploring options for change.”

Findings from participating organizations include:

  • Overall, many companies waste budget dollars by “underfilling” classes. Assessments showed that the average classroom training session (typically the most expensive type of training) is conducted with 44% of available seats empty.
  • Based on the average annual spend of assessed organizations, increasing classroom fill rates by even 10% would mean a reduction of $838,000 in wasted budget.
  • Only 45% of companies have some sort of vendor management process in place (for instance LMS, talent management and other contracts, and training outsourcing). This indicates a wide gap in control that often leads to inefficiency and improper spending. Among the respondents, there is obvious room for improvement for tracking where money is spent and how it is managed.
  • On average, only 31% of companies have any type of formal measurement process for training programs. Measurement processes are critical for efficient management of the learning function, and this finding indicates that many organization don’t know what programs offer return on investment.

“While these findings are a sampling of companies around the world, it underscores our belief that if organizations were to address under utilization and lack of measurement, a lot of money would be found that could be effectively reallocated,” said Ramesh Ramani, founder and CEO of Expertus. “This assessment alone can be viewed as a tremendous money saving technique, since it offers suggestions for improvement without any outside consultation.”

The internal audit process has become increasingly important as learning and development organizations are seeking ways to tighten spending and justify expenses. In addition to finding ways to improve efficiency, the assessment offers measurement and management techniques, which lead to improved credibility within the larger organization.

The Training Efficiency Assessment is a 16-question evaluation focused on an organization’s operational strengths and weaknesses, serving as an online analyst that identifies and resolves key issues and impediments. The assessment compares a training organization’s performance to key industry benchmarks, which have been identified through years of Bersin & Associates research. Based on the results, the tool provides practical suggestions for improvement.

The assessment is hosted at – a resource site from Expertus, which exists to educate and enlighten training industry professionals about all aspects of efficiency. The site provides a forum that encourages visitors to explore the issues, understand the benefits, and discover the strategies and tactics that lead to operational success in today’s learning organizations.

In addition to the Training Efficiency Assessment, includes a growing collection of resources, including:

  • Executive Roundtable Insight Reports
  • Industry Survey Results
  • Webinar Recordings and Slides
  • Training Efficiency Tips
  • Best-Practice Whitepapers
  • Links to useful websites, publications and tools

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