Cegos’ Learning Programs to be Delivered via Customers’ LMS or the Cloud Using ExpertusONE

Expertus to Build U.S.-based Sales Distribution Channel for Cegos’ eLearning and Blended Learning Programs

Mountain View, CA – June 21, 2011 – Expertus, a global leader in advanced learning technologies and managed learning services, today announced that it has partnered with The Cegos Group (http://www.cegos.com) to create the next-generation learning system. By combining the advanced functionality of the ExpertusONETM dynamic learning platform with Cegos’ competency-based multimodal, multilingual professional learning programs, the partnership supports formal, informal, social, and collaborative learning opportunities for U.S.-based companies’ domestic and international employees, customers, and extended enterprise constituents.

Through this agreement, U.S. corporations, government agencies and academic institutions will have options to deliver Cegos’ high-quality eLearning content via Expertus’ innovative cloud-based learning platform ExpertusONETM or the customer’s proprietary LMS.

Created in 1926, Paris-based Cegos is a world leader in skill-based management and professional development training. Cegos is respected globally for its sound pedagogical design based on learner discovery and interaction, exercise-based assessments, and 85 years of experience in helping corporations reach business goals through human competency achievement. All Cegos programs incorporate rich media design and are created in multimodal format including eLearning, mentor-based classroom, virtual instructor-led, video on-demand and blended learning. Programs are produced in multiple languages and localized to optimize mastery of globally recognized learning objectives.

“We are partnering with Expertus because of their extensive knowledge of the U.S. marketplace, global customers and business strategy, cutting-edge learning platform technology and ability to deliver unique offerings to customers around the world,” said Jacques Coquerel, CEO of The Cegos Group. “This partnership will also allow us to help our international customers with the rolling out of their training program in the U.S.A. Customers will benefit from multilingual, pedagogically sound courseware and the first-rate learning-focused services that both organizations offer.”

Expertus will establish and manage a U.S.-based sales distribution channel for Cegos’ off-the-shelf e-learning courses, instructor-led courses, and blended learning programs. Except for a few legacy relationships, Expertus will have exclusive rights for Cegos’ sales to U.S.-based companies.

When deployed, ExpertusONE will bring added dimensions to the Cegos learning programs. It is a cloud-based learning platform that acts as the hub of a learning ecosystem, enabling personnel everywhere to quickly find, share, and use specific learning resources needed in any situation. ExpertusONE supports formal, informal, mobile and social learning; communities of practice; Web 2.0 collaboration and communication applications; expert networks; prescriptive learning; federated search and other advanced features.

“Cegos is internationally recognized for its excellent pedagogy and learning programs that are in high demand for global organizations,” said Ramesh Ramani, founder and CEO of Expertus. “By combining Cegos’ content with ExpertusONE, this partnership offers U.S. multinationals an exceptional new choice in global learning, embracing content, technology and unparalleled flexibility for delivery of professional development training.”

The Cegos Group operates within 30 countries and has a library of more than 200 e-learning modules available in 12 languages delivered to more than 200,000 people worldwide every year. Course topics range from management and leadership, sales and marketing, purchasing, project management, to finance and more.

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For information on Cegos: www.cegos.com. You can also join Jeremy Blain, Director International Partners Network, by e-mail jeremy.blain@cegos.co.uk or on his mobile phone +44 (0)7714 521045.

About Expertus

Expertus helps the world’s most innovative corporations gain and sustain a competitive advantage by transforming the way they educate and empower employees, customers and business partners. Its next-generation software and managed services work together to make the learning experience highly accessible, relevant and collaborative – and learning operations efficient, effective and flexible. Customers include Microsoft, ADP, Autodesk, ConocoPhillips, EMC, AstraZeneca and Cisco. Every day at these and other companies, more than a million employees, customers and business partners are educated as a result of Expertus software, managed services and technology-rich solutions.

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About The Cegos Group

The Cegos Group, created in 1926, features amongst world leaders in continuous professional training. The expertise of its consultants covers all areas of management and the development of competences: human resources, leadership management, performance and organization, individual and collective efficiency, marketing and commercial, project management, deployment of large training devices in France and internationally, face to face, mixed and or e-learning. In 2010 the Cegos Group achieved turnover of 175 M€ and trained more than 200,000 people in France and internationally. Cegos employs 1,200 people and operates in 30 countries throughout the world Visit www.cegos.com and www.cegos.fr.