Finally, User Attributes Dictate Learning Content

Mountain View, CA – October 21, 2010 – Expertus, a leading provider of software and services that optimize the business impact of learning, recently announced the launch of ExpertusONETM ( and is receiving rave reviews from customers and analysts alike. A  distinguishing feature that is being enthusiastically embraced is the ExpertusONE Dynamic Learning Paths application. Focused on building flexible, individualized maps for each learner, this intuitive feature is unparalleled in the marketplace.

ExpertusONE allows organizations to easily align content and curricula based on unlimited sets of user attributes such as role, experience level, product line and more. The platform dynamically manages this content so that learners get a highly intuitive, graphical representation of all of their required courseware or content, as well as recommended and suggested content.

“Dynamic learning paths make the design and maintenance of customized learning easy for training administrators,” said Ramesh Ramani, founder and CEO of Expertus ( “We realize that training is hard enough and training administration needs to be easy; this guide to competency educates and excites both learners and administrators.”

“For once, learners can proactively manage their learning and career development based on what they actually do on a daily basis,” added John Schneble, Product Director of Technology Solutions at Expertus. “As well, this unique capability allows for prescriptive content assignment, which helps bridge the gap between learning management and performance management.”

ExpertusONE, rolled out in April 2010, is a revolutionary new social learning platform that brings together formal, informal and collaborative learning for all audiences across the enterprise – employees, customers and channel partners.

Various ExpertusONE clients have witnessed the following results:

  • 30% more new learner registrations
  • Increase of 640% in course volume registrations
  • Reduced turnaround time for new course rollouts by over 40%
  • 85% reduction in time spent in the classroom
  • Increase of course registrations by 757%
  • 464% increase in new courses offered
  • Registrations increase by 281% per new learner
  • Learning portal visits increased by 65,000
  • 30% increase in learning portal purchases

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About Expertus

Expertus is the leading global provider of software and services that optimize the business impact of learning. For more than a decade, the firm’s 500+ learning management professionals have defined and implemented plans, processes and technologies that transform training organizations – creating measurable value for the world’s most successful corporations. Clients include ADP, Cisco, ConocoPhillips, EMC, Honeywell and Lockheed Martin. Every day at these and other companies, more than a million employees, customers and business partners are educated as a result of Expertus’ innovative business strategies, outsourcing services and technology-rich solutions.