E-Learning 24/7 gives ExpertusONE these top rankings thanks to its innovative, next-gen design and “awesome UI”

Santa Clara, CA  February 24, 2015  Expertus was recognized as having the #1 LMS for large companies, tech companies and B2B/B2C markets by E-Learning 24/7. Landing at or near the top of the analyst firm’s Top 50 LMS Rankings Report for the fourth straight year, Expertus’ next-gen ExpertusONE LMS was cited as being a “very very strong system” with a superior design that includes:

  • Mobile app geolocation
  • Gamification
  • “An awesome UI”
  • Predicative analysis
  • A home learner dashboard

E-Learning 24/7 provides LMS consulting services to buyers and advisory and analyst services to eLearning vendors. Its founder and CEO, Craig Weiss, is an eLearning expert, blogger, analyst and speaker, and was recently named one of the world’s most influential people for eLearning.

“Last year I deemed ExpertusONE as ‘having it all’, and it still delivers,” Weiss remarked. “ExpertusONE is a true LMS ecosystem, its B2B/B2C is elite and the platform is loaded with innovation − from predicative analysis to best-in-class mobile apps to an incredible user experience. That’s why it continues to be one of my favorites.”

Weiss’ 2015 report ranked the world’s top 50 learning systems (out of 645) and was based on breadth of feature set, innovation and LMS support.

“When designing ExpertusONE, we set out to develop an LMS that transcended the complexity and inherent problems of legacy platforms,” Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO, said. “That’s why, even though it has an incredibly sophisticated design, ExpertusONE is exceptionally easy to use. And to continue to receive both customer and analyst acclaim… year after year… that’s the best validation we could ask for.”

To learn more about ExpertusONE, please call 877-827-8160 or email info@expertus.com. To purchase Weiss’ report, visit: http://elearning247.org/products/2015-top-50-lms-rankings-report.


More Resources & Information
• Expertus Website: www.expertus.com; ExpertusONE: www.expertus.com/expertus-one
• Blog: http://expertusone.wordpress.com
• Twitter: http://twitter.com/ExpertusONE
• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/Expertus
• Apple iOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/expertusone-mobile-4.5/id975820681?mt=8
• Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.expertus.mobilelms.v45
• Salesforce AppExchange: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/results?keywords=expertusone

About Expertus & ExpertusONE 
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Expertus delivers new, cloud LMS technology for the future of learning. ExpertusONE is a commercial-grade LMS with the flexibility and innovative design to handle the evolving learning needs of large, global enterprises. The platform provides one learning system for employees, customers or partners. Supports advanced mobile and HR system connections, along with REST API integrations (including Salesforce). Offers invisible learning, bringing learning to learners through innovative tools like Dynamic Shareable Links and Embeddable Widgets. And delivers total, immersive engagement via a contextual, user-focused experience. See how ExpertusONE delivers the future of the LMS today at www.expertus.com/TheONE.

About Craig Weiss & E-Learning 24/7

Craig Weiss is an eLearning analyst, expert, author, speaker and thought leader who has been in the industry for over 14 years. His knowledge and insight in eLearning, mobile and social learning, as well as emerging technology for eLearning, has established him as one of the key voices in online learning.

Weiss is the CEO of E-Learning 24/7 and the author of the E-Learning 24/7 blog. He’s written for numerous publications around the world, and he also regularly speaks at global conferences and corporate events.

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