Innovative Presence Sensing, mobile reporting and contact share features dramatically improve learning adoption and productivity

Santa Clara, CA – March 17, 2015Expertus has once again pushed the boundaries of LMS functionality with its latest ExpertusONE Mobile design. Leveraging new mobile technology, the LMS’ apps are able to offer innovative Presence Sensing, mobile evaluations, contact share and mobile reporting features − all of which significantly improve learning adoption, compliance and productivity for learners, managers and instructors.

“Many LMSs offer anywhere, anytime learning content access through mobile apps, but stop there,” Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO, said. “With ExpertusONE, we’ve actually leveraged the latest mobile technology to create new LMS functionality − instead of just extending its reach. That’s why ExpertusONE is known as the ‘next-gen’ LMS. It continually launches new learning features and capabilities that revolutionize learning’s delivery, use and performance.”

Named the #1 learning system for 2014, ExpertusONE is an enterprise cloud LMS with a highly sophisticated, yet incredibly simple to use design. ExpertusONE was one of the first LMSs to offer native mobile apps for all Android and Apple iOS devices. And it’s one of the few learning platforms to support on/off synch.

“ExpertusONE’s Mobile First design means that all of its features and functionality are natively built for mobile devices,” Ramani explained. “So users get the same experience as from other top consumer mobile apps (no panning, zooming, scrolling, etc.) − which radically boosts their mobile learning adoption and compliance.”

Expanded LMS Functionality

Following are several of the innovative mobile technology applications in ExpertusONE and details on how they improve learning performance for instructors, learners and managers:

For Instructors

• Presence Sensing − Using a mobile device’s GPS, ExpertusONE automatically captures all classroom-based attendance and completion data, saving instructors time and eliminating manual paperwork.

• Mobile Evaluations − Instructors can use ExpertusONE Mobile to launch evaluations and surveys in the classroom without the need for computers, printed forms and tedious data entry, which increases learner participation and cuts admin costs.

For Learners

• Contact Share − ExpertusONE’s mobile technology detects each learner’s classmates and facilitates fast contact info exchanges.

• Collaboration & Social Tools − ExpertusONE Mobile’s extensive collaboration and social tools encourage learner interactions both in and outside of the classroom (aka ‘continuous learning’) to grow learning adoption and results.

For Managers

• On-the-go Reporting − Using ExpertusONE’s Mobile First design, managers and admins have real-time, on-the-go access to learning reports, with the same streamlined workflows ExpertusONE is known for.

• Mobile Compliance Dashboards − ExpertusONE’s mobile apps also support compliance dashboards and customizable alerts. So managers are able to call, text or email non-compliant learners the moment they’re reported. This result in better compliance rates and control over compliance performance.
“Only ExpertusONE applies modern mobile technology to learning to seamlessly link the LMS, mobile app and classroom experience. So we’re not just duplicating the LMS in a mobile format, we’re enabling new functionalities that the LMS couldn’t do. It’s the perfect marriage of mobile and cloud capabilities, and what keeps ExpertusONE fresh and relevant for users.” Ramani concluded.

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