By Holly Sheldon, Learning & Community Manager, Expertus

I am a huge advocate of the fact that LMS admins make the world-go-round.

Now, perhaps I am a bit biased because I was an LMS administrator in a past life, but let’s face it: The LMS admin is your expert on all things training/data/users, the face of your team, and typically wears the honorary badge of tech support. That’s a lot to juggle!

I believe that as an admin, learning your LMS should be the easiest part of your job. The LMS and its features should enable you to work effectively and efficiently, and even more, should be intuitive and easy to learn. You should feel confident working within your LMS, and I believe that it should inspire you to offer creative and innovative suggestions in your place of employment. To do this, you need to have a very clear understanding of the Learning Management System you are administering.

That got us thinking, are we doing our part to make an ExpertusONE Admin’s job easier? What can we do to take this to the next level? Enter ExpertusU and Certification.

ExpertusU is the Learning Management System that will host all of ExpertusONE’s administrator training. I see many key benefits to our current and future administrators:

  • Firsthand learner experience ─ ExpertusU is hosted on the ExpertusONE platform
  • Enhanced scheduling visibility
  • Simplified administrator onboarding
  • Leadership oversight for admin training completion

While it was revolutionary for us to track and manage our training outside of spreadsheets (note: sarcasm), we really wanted to take it one step further. Mainly, how can we ensure that these admins are walking away with a deep understanding of the ExpertusONE features and capabilities?

Solution: The ExpertusONE LMS Admin Certification is now built into all ExpertusONE Admin training offerings. This means that upon training completion, ExpertusONE Administrators are fully confident in their abilities to manage the system, and we can prove it!

As I mentioned before, I believe that having a strong understanding of LMS features and functionalities, ultimately will allow any administrator to be better at their job. Sometimes this includes features that you don’t currently use.

Why you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

When you are sitting in a meeting with your manager and other esteemed colleagues, and everyone is bouncing ideas around about the best way to launch your latest initiative, you can, without hesitation, let everyone know that ExpertusONE has a feature called Dynamic Shareable Links which allows you to easily embed a link to all of your certifications into your company website, and never have to update it despite the plan to rollout two more programs in the coming year.

Plus, it always looks cool to add another certification to your LinkedIn profile.

Stay tuned for more exciting changes as we prepare to rollout our full admin training in Web-based modules.

Keep on making that world turn, admins!