Santa Clara, CA – June 12, 2018 – Expertus introduced today the ExpertusONE Interaction Studioa rapid authoring tool that empowers SMEs, managers and instructors to quickly create xAPI compliant microlearning.

Since the HTML5 authoring tool is part of the ExpertusONE learning suite, it works seamlessly with the LMS’ native learning record store (LRS). So, users can not only create highly engaging video and presentation-based content, but they can also easily track their eLearning’s effectiveness through the LRS’ robust tracking and reporting capabilities. 

>  Learn more about the ExpertusONE LRS.

Every presentation and video created, or enhanced, in Interaction Studio can be stored and tracked in ExpertusONE’s LRS. From there, users can see dashboards and run reports on what eLearning is most popular, completion percentages, question level analysis and more.

“This is incredibly helpful for today’s busy learning organizations for two reasons,” says Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO. “1. Learning professionals can use this business-critical data to continually improve their eLearning’s effectiveness and raise their learning program’s value, and 2. They’ll save time, hassles and resources by having an authoring tool and LRS that work seamlessly together from one underlying system.”

Other key differentiators for the ExpertusONE Interaction Studio include the ability to:

  • Rapidly develop content without having to learn a complex authoring tool or understand eLearning standards
  • Drive learner engagement by adding meaningful interactions to existing videos and presentations in just a few quick, easy steps
  • Improve eLearning retention with context-related activities (such as quizzes and games) to make eLearning fun and break content into smaller, easier to understand units

>  Learn more about the ExpertusONE Interaction Studio.

“In the race to deliver more microlearning, you need to also be sure that it’s actually consumed and understood,” explains Ramani. “The ExpertusONE Interaction Studio makes this possible, in one easy and convenient solution.”

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